Our tour goals: Safe, Tired Happy

This Arriba! this is who we are and what we try to

Our tour goals: Safe, Tired Happy

What are our tour goals? When were about to start our first tour, back in 2012, we where asked a simple question that has been a guiding principle: what do you want your customers to feel by the end of the tour to achieve with this tour. The answer back then was as simple and as relevant as it’s today: we want to make the customers feel safe, tired and happy and in that order!

Safety first

We aren’t saying anything new if we say that Colombia wasn’t perceived 12 years ago as a safe destination, and still now we get the question , is Colombia safe, but it wouldn’t make too much sense, or business sense, to put any one of at risk. After stating the obvious, we want to make sure that you get back home unscratched, that’s why we go at length about general hazards we may find, and on our daily briefings we also cover the hazards we might find on the route, with the clear goal that everyone is able to navigate this situations. Knowing the ins and outs of riding in Colombia we are more than ready to jump at any given time to sort out all kind of difficult situations, and be there for you in case something goes wrong, to have teams ready to deal with local bureacry at the hospitals if that would be the case and make sure that you are looked after, without compromising the safety of the rest of the group. That’s why we have a high ratio of staff to customers, to prevent any scary situation.

Tired: Type two kind of fun

We love the feeling of testing ourselves, and we want you to transmit that same feeling. We feel those are the times we feel more alive and we have brought the same mentality into our tours. So when we craft an itinerary and establish a physical level we want you to think that it’s accomplishable, but that perhaps is going to be a test, but something really nice will come out of it, something you will remember. Our staff will be there encouraging and supporting.We also have found way to make things perhaps a little easier because we also understand that this is a holiday after, so we can help you with an ebike, or our great staff can help you choosing the best sections of the stage in case you want to relax a little in the vehicle. Know that regardless is going to be an adventure you will remember. How our brain works is also strange, when we are tested the most, when we feel that everything is on the line, and we complete it we feel alive the most and we want to experience that rush again. We have several now friends that hav done almost every tour in our portfolio or asked for a customized trip because they know that we are going to coome up with a great new adventure that will test their limits.

The reward: a big smile!

Why we do all what we do? because we LOVE seeing those big smiles at the end of a tour! Nothing can beat the fact that you were on a great route, stayed in premium accommodation, tasted delicious food, and made deep connections during our tours! It’s everything the small details and the big details that make us shine. The inner glow a tour can bring in somebody is still the highest reward we aim for at any given time!

What are you tour goals?

Are you now ready to establish your tour goals? So there you have it—our ideal tour summed up in three simple words: safe, tired, and happy. If you’re ready to embark on the cycling adventure of a lifetime, we invite you to join us on the journey. Whether you’re seeking thrills in the mountains, exploring hidden gems in the countryside, or soaking up the culture in vibrant cities, we promise to make sure you arrive safe, tired, and happy, every single time. Let’s make some memories together!

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