Cycling tours featured in The Outspoken Cyclist Podcast

Exciting news for cycling enthusiasts! We were invited to share our passion for bike tours in Colombia on The Outspoken Cyclist podcast. It’s an opportunity we’re thrilled about, as we’ll be diving into the heart of what makes Colombia such an incredible destination for cyclists.

A Call from The Outspoken Cyclist

When we received the invitation to be guests on The Outspoken Cyclist, we couldn’t have been more excited. It’s audience, mostly people over 60 very active, are a great gropu to talk to, very receptive and eager to travel.

Why Us?

  • Our bike tours in Colombia have caught the attention of cyclists worldwide, thanks to our unique itineraries and expert guidance.
  • We’ve been passionate advocates for Colombia as a premier cycling destination, and this podcast offers the perfect opportunity to spread the word even further.

What to Expect

During the podcast, we’ll be delving into the details of our Colombian bike tours, sharing anecdotes from the road, and discussing what sets Colombia apart as a cycling paradise.

Topics We’ll Cover:

  • The allure of Colombia’s diverse landscapes and challenging terrain.
  • How we’ve crafted our itineraries to provide unforgettable experiences for cyclists of all levels.
  • The cultural immersion and warm hospitality that cyclists can expect while exploring Colombia.

Sharing Our Passion

As avid cyclists and lovers of Colombian culture, we can’t wait to share our passion for cycling adventures in Colombia with the listeners of The Outspoken Cyclist. We’ll be sharing insights gained from years of leading tours and exploring the hidden gems of this beautiful country on two wheels.

Why Colombia?

  • We’ll highlight why Colombia is a must-visit destination for cyclists, from its stunning mountain vistas to its vibrant cities and charming rural towns.
  • We’ll discuss the unique challenges and rewards of cycling at altitude and how our tours are designed to help riders conquer them.

Join Us on the Journey


Being invited to The Outspoken Cyclist podcast is a fantastic opportunity to showcase what makes Colombia such a special destination for cyclists. From the challenges of riding at altitude to the breathtaking scenery and warm hospitality, there’s so much to discover on a cycling tour in Colombia.