A Bike tour with Velo Pasadena

cycling tour in Colombia with Velop pasadena
Cycling tour in Colombia with Velo Pasadena
tour in Colombia with Velop pasadena

Last November, we were thrilled to host a bike tour with Velo Pasadena team, the cycling haven nestled in Pasadena’s heart. Hrash and Nevrik, icons of Southern California’s cycling world, graced us with their presence for an unforgettable Colombian adventure.

Meet Our Riders: Hrash, a true cycling luminary, boasts a storied past as a former pro cyclist in the California scene of the ’80s. With racing tales alongside greats like Greg LeMond, his journey culminated in establishing Velo Pasadena, a testament to his love for the sport.

A Chance Encounter: Our paths intertwined in October 2021, just ahead of The Gravel Bovine, thanks to our mutual friend Jeff Castelatz. Jeff’s longstanding friendship with Hrash and Nevrik, rooted in shared passions like supporting Pablove, paved the way for our collaboration.

Dreaming of Colombia: Colombia had been calling to Hrash ever since Jeff regaled him with stories of our tours. The allure of challenging climbs and unbridled adventure captivated him. But there was a twist – Hrash and his wife Nevrik’s shared love for cycling, yet an injury kept her from riding her bike, and Colombia seemed too strenuous for her. So something had to be done.

Crafting the Experience: We set out to tailor an experience that catered to Hrash’s thirst for cycling conquests while ensuring Nevrik’s engagement through alternative explorations of Colombia’s beauty. The Bogotá to Medellín route emerged as the perfect blend of challenge and discovery. She probably wouldn’t ride, but we wanted to create an adventurous itinerary regardless.

Building the Team: In parallel, Hrash and Nevrik curated a select group of friends to join them on this journey, creating a tight-knit crew poised for adventure.

Living the Dream: As Halloween approached, our group descended upon Bogotá, igniting the start of our Colombian odyssey. While cyclists conquered the peaks, the accompanying adventurers delved into Colombian culture, from coffee plantations to hidden jungle enclaves. From small cobble roads full of history, to the small beauty of the orchids and some back horse riding, we covered an itinerary full of inspiring moments. Evenings were a symphony of shared experiences, blending perspectives on Colombia’s rich tapestry.

Reflecting on the Journey: Departure day brought mixed emotions. Colombia had woven its magic, leaving an indelible mark on each of us. Anticipation for future adventures lingered in the air, fueled by the bonds forged amidst Colombia’s splendor.

With Velo Pasadena as our steadfast companions, we unveiled Colombia’s treasures, etching memories that will endure for years to come. Until we reunite on Colombian soil, let the echoes of our journey resonate, a testament to the power of shared exploration and camaraderie.


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