Direct flights from North America to Colombia

The most difficult part of any journey is often taking the leap and deciding to go. Would it help you perhaps knowing which are the direct flights from Canada and the US to Colombia?

Direct Flights to Colombia

If you’ve ever entertained the idea of coming to Colombia to ride your bike but felt overwhelmed by the logistics, fret not. In very little time, you can trade in the familiar routes at home for the exhilarating and adventurous rides that the Andes have to offer—all without having to stress about the details of getting there.With a plethora of direct flight options from Canada and the US to Colombia, reaching the starting point of your cycling tour has never been easier. Whether you’re based in Montreal, Toronto, New York City, or any other major North American city, there are numerous routes that will swiftly transport you to the heart of Colombia’s cycling paradise.If you’re traveling from the West Coast to Colombia, consider alternative hub airports in Central America like Ciudad de Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama.Here’s a breakdown of some key entry points and direct flight options:Now that you have a clear picture of the flight options, imagine exchanging the monotony of your usual cycling routes for the breathtaking scenery and challenging terrain of the Colombian Andes. Picture yourself pedaling through lush rainforests, conquering winding mountain roads, and immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of Colombia—all without the hassle of complicated travel arrangements.

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